Do I need an agent?

No, but if you do have one who submits to us, that does help since we know you’ve made it through at least one slush pile. What you should be asking is, “Do I have an awesome story?” If the answer to that is yes and it meets our submission guidelines, send it in.

Do I have to pay anything?

Absolutely not. We will never ask for any money, require you to buy books, refer you to a third party for editing. If we want your novel it’s because we love your manuscript and we’re willing to put our time and money on the line to make it sell. If any agent or publisher does want money from you, we’d advise you to run as fast as you can.

Do you pay an advance?

Yes and no. It all depends on some variables. If you're an established author with a fan base and you approach us and we like your new project, then we can have that discussion. However, as it pertains to new writers with no track record, it's hard for a small publishing house like ours to compete with the big houses and offer a sizable advance.

Do you publish only e-books?

If we publish you're book, we will do both e-books and print versions, and will explore getting the book made into a downloadable audio version. The print version will be a trade paperback. We do not publish hardbound books.

What can I expect for distribution?

As of right now, we will get your e-book distributed into Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, and Apple (iTunes). The trade paperback will also be distrubted via these retailers online stores. As far as getting your books into every brick and mortar Barnes and Noble or local bookstore we don't offer that.

What type of books do you publish?

We only focus on topics that fall into the paranormal, cryptid and true crimes genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

Do you publish short stories?

No, we do NOT publish short stories or short story collections, but may look at novellas on a rare occasion.

If you publish my book, how often can I expect to receive royalties?

We pay semi-annually. For royalties made from January through June, we pay in July and for royatlies paid from July through December, we pay in January.

If you have further questions, please submit them to