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Sasquatch Canada

Beyond British Columbia

W. T. Watson

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I’ve spoken in my other books about the skeptic’s triad—the belief that those who encounter the unusual are either mistaken, deluded, or engaged in a hoax. However, when a former Canadian Forces member who served as a special operations soldier tells you he has seen one of these creatures and that the event occurred while he was serving and in the presence of other army personnel, then I think it is time for the so-called skeptics to hush and listen to the witness.


This veteran of fifteen years of service had two encounters, one involving “chatter”, which occurred in Ontario and will be discussed in that section, and the other a visual sighting in Alberta. This soldier’s testimony is recorded on the Alberta Sasquatch website, report #066.


In May 1983, the witness was in the area of Wainwright, Alberta, on a training mission. The entire brigade had located to the area, and this service member also had a specialization in electronics, so he and his partner were dispatched on a repair. The only information that the two had on the equipment that needed repair were the map coordinates. In those days before GPS, the pair were using a topographic map and the stated coordinates to try to locate the equipment.


The two soldiers stopped their camouflaged pickup truck on the side of the road, completely unfolding their map, and while one of them looked for the coordinates, the witness was watching a deer in a "re break approximately thirty to forty metres ahead at about eleven o’clock. Just as the witness was about to tell his partner to take a look at the deer, he saw some‐ thing exit the tree line at high speed.


The soldier compared the size of the creature with the deer and concluded that it was about seven and a half to eight feet tall and easily four feet wide. It was huge, “built like a football player”, and he could see “the hair !ow in the air and bounce around as it was running”. The hair was longer on the head than on the body, and the head appeared to be “pointed”.


The witness continued to watch as the dramatic events unfolded. [Translated from French by a Quebec researcher]


He came from behind the deer, and when he got close, he put his hand on its head. At the same time, he put his other hand on the deer’s neck and rotated on himself. So what happened is that the deer’s body was held still while the head was twisted 180 degrees. He broke its neck on the spot … and, in one fell swoop, he made a U-turn and kept running towards the woods … while at the same time, grabbing the deer and swinging it over his shoulder … and goodbye, we’re gone. This was done in a split second.


The witness noted that a deer that size would weigh in the one hundred to two hundred pound range, so the animal was incredibly strong to pick this deer up and run away with it. Not only was the being strong, but the soldier, who had observed cheetahs running down gazelle in Africa, compared the speed of this animal to that of a cheetah.


Upon further questioning, the witness stated that the Sasquatch was brown but seemed to have some reddish tips to its hair or fur. He also observed that the creature started o! leaping on all fours before moving to a bipedal stance for the kill. Also clearly observed was the fact that this being had hands, not paws.


The soldier was impressed by the sheer physicality of the Sasquatch. The animal was “V-shaped” like a body builder, and the witness could see its muscles working as it moved. He reiterated that the creature never slowed down as it took the deer and that the hunt was accomplished in “one, single fluid motion”.


The witness was adamant that “to me, this was an animal that was effective at doing its job … it’s a predator, a hunter … what it was doing was all planned and calculated … and was practiced and repeated several times, over many years”.


This testimony is so compelling that I think it stands on its own. I will only say that we learn, in his testimony, that this soldier not only served with the forces in Canada, but he also had experience hunting deer with a bow. This witness simply cannot be ignored.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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