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Ron Yacovetti

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When did you become interested in the paranormal? And more specifically, spirit communication.  What devices do you utilize when attempting contact? Do you have a favorite?  


  At a very early age, while I was not an experiencer (that I recall), I was fascinated with the possibility that fantastical aspects of our world, not only could be real, but that there were people out there making the case that they are. The Paranormal realm was scouting me and easing me in, taking advantage of films, games and TV shows that were sprinkling this supernatural stuff publicly when it was still much more taboo and shunned. It was much later in my adult years, at the onset of my ghost hunting endeavors, that I was introduced to the idea of not only recording voices of spirit, but dialoguing with spirit as well. My foray into ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication was influenced and initiated like most beginning to investigate, by using the sweeping through broadcast radio method, nicely packaged into a handheld device known as a spirit box or a ghost box. This is what TV showed us as how ITC and spirit contact in real time was done, so we all did it. It works. It hooked me. It was the seed from which my para-life would truly take root. Through my incessant pursuit of new ideas, education and ways to connect with spirit to establish real time dialog, I came across an older European ITC methodology known as DRV: Direct Radio Voice. In short it uses pure white noise. No sweeping across broadcast radio. I’ve fused this process with some new tech spins on it and evolved the methodology to a point that it yields messages of great clarity and length. This was a must for me, just seeing what these ITC pioneers in Europe were recording using this untelevised method (at least in the USA), because it blew my mind. It was to me, unparalleled in real time contact and yet NO ONE across the vast sea of paranormal investigators was doing it. For me this presented a major opportunity to not only attempt to mirror the results garnered by greats like Marcello Bacci, Dr. Anabela Cardoso and others, but to carve out my own path in ITC. In the ten or so years prior to 2018, prominent ITC notables were ghost box builders…period; I was not. Now, with DRV, I could achieve the results I sought and earn the respect I hoped for, without having to build a device. This is a huge reason I love this question about devices I like to use and what might be my favorite. I use any ITC box, app or method I can find the time to try and test out. But my passion, my calling card, THAT has been DRV for about four years and will be the basis for my legacy in the field. Dispelling the idea that ITC must use a box or a device is an ongoing challenge I will continue to face, as the method of DRV had been a lost art until my girlfriend and ITC soulmate Lourdes Gonzalez and I resurrected it. And because the spirit box branded itself AS ITC the same way the UFC branded the sport known as MMA or Mixed Martial Arts (a field I also worked in).

Do you consider Ouija boards a viable way to talk to those who have passed on? 

  The spirit board, talking board or most popularly known as the Ouija board, is something I admit to have limited experience with, both using and witnessing. I do think that its use of a human conduit through which energy is to flow and spell out messages, is a viable concept and can work. This method is often confused with ITC methods when people attempt to say that using a radio (sweeping or not) for ITC is identical to using a Ouija Board. With this I disagree, because ITC is using the radio to channel, functioning as a medium through which contact is made, while the Ouija board uses YOU as the channel. Very different to channel than to simply have one’s energy as a part of the equation via participation with a radio.

What’s one of the biggest surprises/confirmations you’ve had during a session?  Most memorable investigation location. And conversely, a location you’d love to visit.


 One of the biggest confirmations which was undoubtedly a surprise of all surprises, was when Lourdes and I began to get direct responses via DRV that answered us in real time, in the moment AND commented on things we asked about or didn’t ask about, with insane timing and relevance. Examples range from colors of objects, identifying sounds we made, repeating names and numbers how and when we asked, as well as commenting unsolicited and spot on about the exact moment they said what they said. The most memorable location I’ve investigated is The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. It’s where I started when I lived in Los Angeles and it is an elegant, floating piece of history. The Shanley Hotel in New York State and David Oman’s house in Beverly Hills rate atop most consistently active spots for sure. A bucket list location for me is definitely the home in Florence, Mississippi known from the two documentary films “The House In-Between”...and we’re headed there this year, Spring 2023.

Have you had a truly scary incident while on an investigation?


  Nothing terribly scary AT a location but I did have an attachment issue while living in California, which I discussed in my first book “Paranormally Speaking: Knowingly Talking to the Unknown”, mentioning that it’s a great story now, but back in 2013, not so much.

Has there ever been what you believe to be a non-human entity conversing with you. If so, how do you handle this?


  In doing Direct Radio Voice, we have had voices and entities come through to us super clear and state that they are ghosts, aliens, spirits and more. From a perspective of communicating the way we do, we feel the data supports that it is ultimately consciousness. Now, we also feel that non-human is categorically correct for most of the vocals we receive, as some evidence has shown contact made via Out of Body experience (OBE), Near Death Experience (NDE) and End of Life spirit contact. Other data points to the consciousness or spirit being someone who is very much alive but also very much asleep (an OBE incident). We also feel that some contacts we make are entities which may never have been incarnate, human beings like us.

Have you ever been followed home from a location?


 By people? YES! Way too much lol. By ghosts, just one time that I am aware of, as noted above in the “scary incidents” question. From where it latched on remains a toss up between a couple of places.

What projects/investigations do you have coming up in the new year? 


In 2023 Lourdes and I have a few expo’s we’re blessed to be invited to participate in. We run an ITC exhibit room at the New Jersey ParaUnity Expo, we’re lecturing at many libraries and Paracon’s such as the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash (PA), The Hanover Tavern Paracon (VA), , The Rochester ParaFest, The Liberty Science Center as well as a few very exciting TV appearances and documentary film projects we’ve been asked to do. And in February, my third book “TDSi: The Digital Seance initiative” comes out thanks to the amazing people right here at Beyond the Fray Publishing! Book #4 already in the works!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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