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Author Spotlight

Lady Ann Selene

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How did you become interested in the world of the paranormal?

I was born into the world of the paranormal. From my earliest memories I recall seeing shadow entities in the hallway just outside my bedroom door. I would go on to live a life filled with many strange experiences. 

Do you believe sensitivities are passed down through families?

I believe they can be, yes. After doing research and becoming my families genealogist, I have developed the opinion that my gifts and abilities were passed down to me through my maternal line. 

Can you tell us a negative experience that you’d rather not have happen again, and what or who do you

believe was behind this event.

In the beginning, when an experience is taking place, or has just taken place, (paranormal wise) you can feel traumatized. It can be scary, and it can make you question your reality. This can be hard, but looking back I can see the importance or significance of it, and it thus in turn has allowed me to help others. 

And how about a very positive occurrence.

I would say, that although it might be scary to encounter a ghost or in my case, a possibly interdimensional being. Even though it filled me with fear, I learned a lot about myself. My resilience, my true beliefs. It also gifted me with going from a believer to a knower. Then it also gave me peace to know that there is so much more to life and the afterlife then we really know. That, those we love are never truly gone. 

Is there an experience you still want to have?

No, if I never had another experience in my life, I would be okay with it. However, on the flip side if I was to continue my life and experience more things of a different variety, I would be happy as well as maybe that would lead me deeper down my path of discovery.

If you could turn off your “sight”...would you?

I have been able to here and there. Sometimes I "mute" it which means it is not so strong. Other times I really tune into it and allow it to be more prevalent. However, there are times when the universe has other plans, and I am okay with that. 

What is next for you...what projects are you working on, and what are you up to in the world of the


I am currently working on my second book Paramorphosis. In my second book, I begin with a single story that I did not include in my first book. It helps to analyze deeper the experiences shared in the first. I have been "underground" if you will lately, studying more about the human mind, the collective unconscious, ancient civilizations and technologies and how all of this somehow came together. I believe that as we were born into the great forgetting, that we are coming to the time where we are ready to remember. With remembering comes some of the answers we seek in this field. I hope that through my writing and research I can hep in this endeavor. 

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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