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Tell us a little about yourself, what got you into this field, and how long you’ve been active in it.


Actively after I wrote my first book and started punkrockandufos.com. I’ve been interested in the unknown as a kid; the sci-fi, horror and comic book pop culture I was into didn’t seem too out of place next to the Bigfoot, Area-51 and the Bermuda Triangle, and at a young age that intrigued me.

I’ve authored five books – 3 on UFOs/ paranormal, one young adult fiction novel “Pumpkin Spice and Nothing Nice,” and a coffee table book about the punk rock scene “Hey Suburbia.”



 Who are some people you look up to in UFOlogy?


As a former journalist, I really look to George Knapp, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal. Honored to call them friends.



 What’s the strangest experience that’s ever been shared with you/or that you’ve come across...UFO or not...


When I was writing my first book, I had intense dreams-almost parasomnia related to the material I was writing about. Likely mind over matter, but still creepy to dream about aliens coming for me after spending 7 hours a day writing and researching about alien abductions.



 Have you seen a UFO? If not, what type of experience or sighting would you like to have?


I’ve seen many orbs. The first time, it was a green orb above the sky that moved very oddly before shooting off and disappearing from site.



 Which of your books was more of a learning experience for you?


“Stranger Than Fiction” was the best for me because I truly felt 100 percent proud with the finished product. With the other two “Punk rock and UFOs” books, I look back and would’ve done some things differently, but that comes with growing as an author. I think by the third installment of Punk rock and UFOs, “Stranger Than Fiction” I knew exactly what I was going for, and to bring all what I was trying to accomplish- normalizing the paranormal through current events, pop culture, history/religion/ mythology etc- really came to fruition. There really isn’t a book out there quite like it when it comes to UFOs and paranormal, which I’m super proud of. I was able to interview so many people I respect for the book like Kean, Blumenthal, Tom DeLonge, Kevin Day, Dr. Travis Taylor, Jefrrey Kripal, filmmakers, and so many others.



 What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten.


As a vegan to many what I eat is “strange,” but when I was a kid my dad took me to the Foccaria in Staten Island, and we ate fried bull’s testicles.


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero