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How did you become interested in the paranormal and subsequently, magic and witchcraft?


I have always been interested in things that go bump in the night and the mysteries around us. I had my first paranormal experience around age six, when I saw a shadow person. That moment solidified my
paranormal curiosity. I was always drawn to magickal things but didn't quite know what it was until I was eighteen. I was at a bookstore and came across a book on witchcraft. I was hooked ever since.




With the success of the first edition, which has now led to an expanded second, what do you think the
draw of fusing ghost hunting and witchcraft together is?

I am thrilled at the success of the first edition! Makes me so happy to see that so many others are interested in merging these two topics. To me, the paranormal and witchcraft are two sides to the same esoteric coin. I believe others feel that as well but perhaps didn't quite know how to begin to combine these two avenues. I'm glad my book is able to help guide and inspire others along their paranormal witchcraft path.



What are some common misconceptions in regards to your practices?

The biggest misconception I see in regards to witchcraft is that it is inherently evil. Witchcraft itself is a practice. It is neither good nor bad. It's what the individual does with that practice that can sway it one way or another. But ultimately, I see witchcraft being utilized for more good than bad. Healing of oneself or even of the spirits, for example. A misconception I see from some in the paranormal field is that since I rely so much on magick and intuition I must disregard common sense or scientific practices, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I combine both in a balanced way.


Your favorite piece of equipment to use.

I pretty much never go anywhere without my tarot cards, so that would be my favorite tool. In the second edition of The Witch's Guide to Ghost Hunting I included a chapter on tarot card meanings as they pertain to ghost hunting. As far as traditional ghost hunting equipment, I really love working with the spirit box paired with headphones.


Have you employed any methods that surprised you in their result?

I write about this in the book, but I conducted a psychic meditation experiment on an investigation one time with a few other investigators and myself. I have a deep trust for intuition but it's always surprisingly fun when you see the accurate results that intuition uncovers. In this instance, it wasn't just my own intuition that was correct and gave key insights into the haunting, but every one else involved in the experiment had picked up on extremely similar information. That method remains one of my favorite.


Have you been to a location that you felt housed a truly negative/inhuman entity?

I have come across plenty of spirits who are very unpleasant. Usually these have been people who were negative or had issues in life and that has carried over into their afterlife. I've also come across a lot of nature spirits which are considered inhuman. While these nature spirits may not be evil, they can certainly operate on different moral grounds than we might have as humans. All that being said, there is one entity at the Monroe House that makes me extremely uneasy and is quite powerful and ancient. If I ever go back there, I will certainly be on my guard and protected.


Is there a place you’ve always wanted to investigate?

Oh man, there are so many! Overseas I would love to investigate the Paris Catacombs or the Island of the Dolls. Here in the States, I want to investigate the Lizzie Borden house. When I was a kid and first read about that case, I remember telling my cousin that I wanted to stay the night there. At the time it was privately owned and was not the bed and breakfast type establishment it is now. Childhood me
would be stoked to hear that you can actually stay and investigate there now.

Blackened Paper

Cherise Williams




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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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