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Tell us a little about yourself. And, were you always interested in the paranormal? 

I have now written four books regarding haunting, spiritual warfare, and paranormal activity.  I lived in two consecutive, yet unrelated haunted houses and felt called to write about the subject and share my experiences and offer insight that could help others who are experiencing the same thing. Strangely enough, I have always had an interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember.  Both my father and my grandmother on my mom's side of the family had shared experiences they had with me, and I had some minor experiences when I was young as well. 



What are your books about?


My books are about spiritual warfare and paranormal activity in real life haunted houses.  I also cover a lot about the history of those locations because I believe it is important to understand what causes hauntings so they can be dealt with effectively.  In 220 Fifth Street, for instance, I go cover a lot of information about not only my experiences, but also experiences of former owners and tenants of the house.  I also dig deep into the history of the house itself.  In Nightmare in Holmes County, I cover a lot about the history of the land going back to activity that occurred on the land centuries before I lived there.  



What were your thoughts on haunting’s prior to experiencing what you did.


I have always believed that hauntings were legit, but I didn't have as deep of an understanding before living in that type of environment.   Having lived through it and having to fight back to survive, forced me to educate myself on the whole phenomenon.  I also recognize that my perspective is somewhat different than many in the paranormal community.  I hope that through my books, others can learn without suffering through the horrors of living in that type of environment. 



Did you initially try and explain away what was happening in and around your home?


Yes, I initially had experiences that I could not explain but I tried to write them off and not focus on them. Eventually however, I had to accept the ugly truth and deal with it.  I think most people who experience haunting activity try to explain away the initial experiences.   



What was the scariest experience from each of the haunted homes you lived in?


Wow, there are so many to choose from.  I guess the scariest experience in Holmes County was when I was in the bathroom in the middle of the night, between 3-4 AM, and heard two distinct, loud knocks on the bathroom door.  I lived alone in the middle of Amish farm country, and I knew my doors were locked and my security system was armed, so the event had to be paranormal.  That event was like experiencing a nightmare while being fully awake.   

My scariest experience at 220 Fifth Street is also hard to choose because there were so many, but I suppose the creepiest of all occurred on March 1, 2010, which was the anniversary of a significant event that contributed to the haunting.  I entered my bedroom that night and found that although I lived alone, by bed had been moved.  When I tried to sleep, I'd shut my eyes and immediately have a vision as though I was standing outside the bedroom door, looking down the staircase.  The image was unlike how we normally see something in our mind's eye.  The image had razor sharp definition and very vibrant colors, and there, coming up the staircase was a hooded figure.  I could see the figure's face and he looked like a thin older man, and he looked like he was dead.  The vision would repeat every time I shut my eyes until I prayed, and then it stopped. 



What would you change, if anything...about how you went about trying to rectify the situations. 


There was not much I could change to rectify the situations because both houses took me spending time there and investigating until I knew more of the history of each haunting.  If possible, I would likely try to capture more evidence on video and audio if I had it to do over.



What would you say to people who may be inviting spirits or entities intentionally into their lives? 


 Knowingly or willingly inviting evil into one's life can create life and death situations.  Demons are nothing to play around with.  As documented in 220 Fifth Street, demons have the power and ability to bring about horrible accidents, murder, suicide, and even unexplained death.  In my opinion, even playing with the occult can open doors to and communication with demon spirits.  One must be very careful when become involved in the paranormal, even if their intentions are good.


What was the biggest take-away for you from living in these active locations?


I suppose I will never go back to how things were before I experienced those environments.  Once someone experiences the paranormal to the level I did, your eyes are open.  You cannot ignore the existence of the spirit realm or the warfare that goes on around us.


Are there any paranormal TV shows you enjoy? 


 Although I do not necessarily agree with some tactics used by investigators on popular tv shows about the paranormal, I do find shows like Ghost Adventures, Destination Fear, and Shock Docs interesting.  I do think it is important that these shows are providing legitimate proof that the paranormal does exist and people who legitimately experience it are not crazy.


Favorite scary movie.


 I can't say I have one favorite but here are a few I found interesting: Paranormal Activity 1,2,3, The Conjuring, Spellbinder, Case 39, Devil, Demon House.

Any upcoming books for you? 

Yes, I will write several more as time permits.  My next book Shadows & Light is taking longer than expected because of the in-depth research I'm conducting.  I believe the final product will be worth the wait though.   



Patrick Meechan





“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero