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Facing Spirit:

Spirit Art Mediumship & Thinking Outside the Box

Richard Moschella 

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Mediumship spirit art to me is the most evidence-based mediumship you can get, in my opinion. At the end of a session, you will not only have the evidence of the communicator—these are the unique details of character traits, things they did in life, things they owned, occupations, connections to loved ones and so much more that made up their life on earth—you also receive a sketch of the essence of the spirit communicator. The face peering back at you on the paper before your eyes is the likeness of the spirit that facilitated the reading you just received.

I like using the word facilitated because that is exactly what happens during a reading, spirit is the intermediary between medium and sitter. Spirit presides over the reading and helps facilitate and blend with the medium to get the information across to the sitter. As a spirit art medium, you are mainly using clairvoyance to see images or movies play out in your mind’s eye and then do your absolute best to put them down on paper. This at times is happening incredibly fast, and you need to learn to be competent and at the same time not alter it through your own logical left-brain thinking.


You learn to distinguish if the information is coming to you or from you. The information that is coming to you at times can feel extremely random and even make you say “where did that come from?” This is how spirit communicates at times. We could get symbols and images that mean something to the sitter sitting across from us. We need to learn how to interpret the symbolism and get that information across. John Holland, a medium whom I have learned so much from today, calls it using your “mediumship toolbox.” I like that analogy because it’s unique to you and how you perceive what you are seeing. Another wonderful medium I have worked with and learned from, Lisa Morrison, says it’s like “the ultimate game of charades.” It’s important to get it right and bring forth the evidence, this is the component that links the spirit communicator to your sitter, even before they see the essence you sketched on paper.

As I was driving to a client’s home for a private reading, in my mind’s eye I saw an older gentleman sitting in my passenger seat. I knew instantly that he was for the sitter I was going over to read for. I could see he was wearing work clothes and felt he was a mechanic by the way he was dressed. It was also then that the image of a suction-cupped Garfield popped into my mind’s eye. I would have no reason to think of this at all, and reiterated, “Is it coming to me or from me?” This image de!nitely came to me in a very interesting way, and I knew this was also connected to the client I would be reading for.

The session went very well, and I presented her with a sketch of her grandfather and evidence of what he did in life that was unique to him. Then that was when I had to mention Garfield. I explained as I was driving on the interstate highway, the image of this Garfield suction-cupped to a car window popped into my mind, and I asked if it meant anything to her. She thought about it and quickly responded that there was no connection to Garfield the cartoon, but her grandfather grew up in the town of Garfield, New Jersey. Her face lit up when she told me that, and she could not believe how that detail found its way into the reading. I have to credit spirit for their intelligence and how they know what they need to access in your mediumship toolbox to get their message across. I grew up in Lodi, New Jersey, and it’s a town over from Garfield. If spirit showed me the town itself, I might have thought it was coming from me. I perhaps was thinking of the area I grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey, and not have brought it up in the reading. Thanks to the intelligence of spirit her grandfather knew what to show me to get a huge piece of evidence across in the reading for his granddaughter. Those are the moments during a reading that always leave me in pure awe and astonished by the power of spirit.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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