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Author Spotlight

Richard Moschella

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How did you become interested in the paranormal? 


My fascination with the paranormal began in childhood, my family openly talked about my paternal side of the family's involvement in seances and mediumship abilities. These stories stayed with me throughout my childhood and led to many sleepless nights. At the time I was also going through an awakening of my own intuitive abilities and realized that the connection that my relatives had with those on the other side of the veil, I had the ability to connect with them too. My childhood was filled with many occurrences that I became accustomed to that would involve seeing images of spirit, feeling and hearing them. I did my best to block them out and just fit in like all the other kids in the neighborhood. Being a 80’s kid, information was not widely available, like it is now on the subject of the paranormal. 

When we wanted to learn about something we had to venture down to the local library and find the darken corner that usually contained a few shelves of old books on the occult and paranormal. It was on these shelves that I read the work of Hans Holzer, Ed and Lorraine Warren, Whitley Streiber, John Green, Kenneth Wiley, J. Allen Hynek and Kevin Randle. I consumed books on extraterrestrials, cryptid creatures, alien abduction, haunted locations and communicating with spirits. I was also influenced by the television shows Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World, In Search Of, Sightings and various documentaries that aired on television. This was before being a fan of the paranormal was cool, then the X-Files came along and helped usher paranormal topics into the mainstream. It was a journey of discovery and exploration into all realms of the paranormal that led to where I am today. 

When did you realize you had the unique gift of spirit communication?


I feel that it’s in my blood, in my genetics. Mediumship and embracing the occult runs on my paternal side of the family. It took a very long time to learn to embrace it as a gift. It was around 2002, when I entered my twenties that I fully embraced it and began to study with various mediums and light workers and saw the importance of the gift of mediumship. One very well known medium approached me at the end of a reading and told me that I had a very strong gift and should work on developing it. In the years that followed I did just that.

What has been your favorite location to investigate, and what kind of activity did you experience there?


Conversely, is there a location you’d rather not visit again, and why.  

The Patchett House in Montgomery, New York will always stick out in my mind. Our team for the Patchett House investigation met at a local tavern in Montgomery, New York. This pre-investigation meet up was organized by the ladies of Full Moon Paranormal and it provided a great opportunity for everyone that was invited, an opportunity to get to know one another and discuss the night's game plan for the Patchett House. The line up that was selected was made up of some very talented individuals in the field, Robert Bandov, Sandra Bandov, Rosalyn Lewis, Michael Lewis, Alfred Santariga, Timothy Dalton, Susan Page, Nicole Chivattoni and Lisa LaScola. There was however one very special guest that was being kept a secret for the evening. Sitting at the tavern we all began some small talk and started to order our food, the room was full of happy hour chatter from the local patrons. We did not hear the surprise guest walking down the stairs towards the table, when the guest was close he exclaimed “hello everyone”. 

As I turned around and looked up at the man standing in the center of the room, I was surprised to see the godfather of the paranormal standing at our table. Tonight's special guest was John Zaffis, his name in the paranormal community and career is one to be admired and respected. He is one of the most popular authorities on the supernatural world and the field of demonology. His career has spanned more than forty years and also worked closely with his uncle and aunt the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren. He has been featured in countless paranormal television shows, documentaries, books and also podcasts. His acknowledgement and opinions are highly sought out and is of great value to everyone he works with. 

During the night I had the opportunity to demonstrate my mediumship spirit art and picked up on the spirit of a little boy outside by a tall old tree in the parking lot. As I was outside next to the tree sketching the child, John Zaffis was inside with the group running a ghost box session using a radio device. Through the device they all heard a child’s voice respond “ I’m over by the tree”. Another investigator joined me outside and while I was sketching the child captured an EVP of a child's voice saying “Ten” responding to the question "how old are you? In the sketch that I did I wrote the child was around 11 to 12 years of age and immediately felt validated and was amazed when I returned inside that the group said the child came through the radio device.

It was during the night's investigation John Zaffis mentioned to me that my spirit art was an amazing gift and incredible to see it validated through the radio, EVP and spirit art sketch. It was so gracious of him and a moment I'll never forget.

What equipment do you prefer to use on location?


I always say the best tool is You, your intuition is always your best tool when entering a location. When doing my mediumship and spirit art at locations I like to implement motion devices and temperature instruments. These could be REM Pods, EMF Meters and so on. I also like to use dowsing rods and honor old school divination techniques.

Have you ever brought a spirit or entity home with you?


My wife always tells me when I leave for an investigation “don’t bring anyone home with you”. So far I have not really in all my years doing this line of work brought anything home. There was one time I woke up and walked out of my bedroom to be surprised by a silhouette of a person peering in from the outside bathroom window. The black silhouette only lasted a few moments and I snapped a picture of it and it was kind of alarming. Especially that my bathroom window is about 30 feet off the ground over my driveway. I personally feel it was a passer by spirit and could have been trying to make contact with me. When you're a sensitive, spirit knows and like a moth to a flame then draw close and try to attempt contact. I always say your best defense for protection is to vibrate high and always come from the highest good when communicating with the spirit world.

Do non-human entity’s ever come through when you are attempting spirit communication?

There are occasions that I felt that communicators could have been possibly extraterrestrials, elementals and so on. There are many different dimensions and levels that these beings resonate from, they can’t be all human. An interesting spirit radio session comes to mind when the sweeping frequency changed and a very robotic voice began to speak, almost giving some form of instruction. It was different from the voices that we were communicating with. I was working with a channler and he commented it sounded like ancient sumerian and was for sure it was ET. These beings could exist interdimensionally and who’s to say they can’t exist among our human dead. Perhaps many different souls can be found in these various dimensions. Human and non human. 

 Do you have any projects/speaking events coming up this summer?


Recently I have teamed up with a well respected medium from New York State, Lisa Morrison. She is an evidential psychic medium and together we have been offering gallery readings to sellout crowds in the tristate area. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her and have the opportunity to show our attendees mediumship, spirit art and the continuity of life. I have more events coming up with Eleanor Wagner, another author and investigator from Northern New Jersey. This summer and fall I will be at many libraries and festivals. The best place to stay informed with what I’m doing is my website www.Richard and also on all my socials including Tik Tok!!! I do have a few more books hopefully on the horizon for 2023 / 2024  Spirit Journeys and Thinking Outside the Box. I have begun to work on a book now that will be a followup to Casefiles of the Paranormal. I am humbled by the success of the books and the people that I get to work on a daily basis. When you do what you love it’s not work, especially when you give spirit a voice you can’t help but each day to be truly amazed at the intelligence of spirit and our connection to those on the other side of the veil.


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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